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We generate your leads and nurture them via text messaging to turn them into clients!

Why does it work?

Text messages have a 98% open rate!

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I have my own leads but I want NurtureAssist to help me nurture these leads with the NurtureAssist Texting Platform


I want NurtureAssist to generate leads for me and I will nurture them.

What We do

We generate leads for your business

Each lead immediately receives a text from you

We nurture these leads for you with our text message nurturing platform

We use automated text messages to continue to communicate with your leads

Choose to communicate with all leads or only the ones that text you back

Use the NurtureAssist texting platform to communicate one-on-one with your leads

Create text message drip campaigns, recurring text messages and much more

Receive full tracking and reports with the NurtureAssist Dashboard

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NurtureAssist Lead Generation

Spend less time searching for quality leads and more time selling! NurtureAssist offers targeted digital advertising combined with text message nurturing that ensures higher contact ratios.

Let us do the work!

We design your ads, create your copy, maintain your ad campaigns and we can even reply to your leads with our Virtual Assistant Full Service Agency Program.

Spend your time with your leads that are interested in talking to you!

The digital landscape changes daily, and you need a lead generation partner who knows what’s coming and has the strategy and technology in place to ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

NurtureAssist Text Messaging Platform  

Reach More Customers

Text marketing is the most efficient and reliable way to reach new and existing leads. Text messaging is 6X more effective than email.

Engage With Leads And Customers With Image & Video Texts

MMS (image & video texts) drive higher engagement on promotions. 

Communicate With Your Leads In The Medium They Prefer

75% of people report that they would prefer to be communicated with via text than other communication sources. 

User- Friendly Platform

We have designed our text messaging platform to be simple and intuitive. 

Integration With Our Custom Lead Generation

Our text campaigns respond to NurtureAssist generated leads as well as leads from your other sources IMMEDIATELY. With robust autoresponders and text drip campaigns your leads can communicate with our chat bots to book a call right on your calendar via our calendar scheduling system.

Advertise To Potential Clients Where They Are Most Often

People generally spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, with the top 20% of smartphone users spending upwards of four and a half hours! NurtureAssist positions your marketing message right in front of customers, increasing connection and inevitably conversion rates!  

Unbeatable Open Rates

Text messages have an outstanding 98% vs emails 20-30% open rate 

Outstanding Response Times

The average time it takes someone to open a text message is 3 minutes 

Mobile Friendly

Allow your sales representatives to easily communicate with their leads via their mobile device with our mobile friendly user interface. Our platform allows you to be wherever your customers- and their mobile devices- happen to be. 

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Available add-ons

  • Use your business landline to receive text messages: $25 per month
  • Additional local phone number: $25 per month
  • Additional toll free phone number: $25 per month
  • Additional keywords: $25 per month
  • MMS picture and video texts: 15 cents each

Features included with all NurtureAssist Accounts


A local phone number included


Text message drip campaigns


Group text messaging


Text message templates


Auto reply


Scheduled text messages


Send recurring text messages


Text forwarding


Personalized text messaging


Poll and vote text messaging


MMS picture and video texting


Full Dashboard for tracking, reporting and analytics

Text message reminders (Birthdays, Holidays, Appointments)

Keywords (example: Text INVEST to 484848 to learn more)